Synchronise Outlook

SynchPst lets you synchronise pst files on PCs and laptops instead of enduring the hassle of constant copying and pasting! This can be done either automatically or with a single click, allowing you to spend your time doing more important things. Because you can synchronise email between laptop and pc, you can stop worrying about where that important email is - with SynchPst, you'll have all your data on both computers!

SynchPst makes it easy to synchronise folders and files, and is therefore the ideal tool for sharing contacts and calendars with colleagues. Because Outlook synchronisation can be done automatically, you won't have to rely on anyone's memory - emails, notes, appointments and tasks will be shared with everybody concerned, on time!

This software makes it easy to manage pst files on several computers - with SynchPst you can synchronise files quickly and easily, ensuring that no important information is lost.

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"I just wanted to say what a great product SynchPst is. I do a lot of work away from the office with my laptop and this product is something I've been searching for! It was easy to set up and even easier to use. I have Outlook 2003 on my PC and 2007 on my laptop and it works a dream." Andrew Horner

"'SynchPst for Outlook' is the killer application! It is working perfectly so now I am not forced to move to Apple's Leopard OS . If I do it will be by choice and not by necessity. SynchPst means that I can remain with Vista and cut my costs by just adding new hardware rather than replacing everything we run at present." Donald Pirie