Synchronize Outlook: Step by step

SynchPst synchronizes Outlook 2016 (32bit and 64bit), Outlook 2013 (32bit and 64bit), Outlook 2010 (32bit and 64bit), Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002, Outlook XP and Outlook 2000 'Personal folders' (pst) files.
The Professional Edition is able to synchronize an Exchange account (or an ost file) with an Outlook data (pst) file.

Before you start you need to know where your Outlook pst file is located. How can I find the location of my pst file?

If you cannot see your pst file in the correct folder then check that you are seeing 'hidden files'. (Go to your control panel, click on 'folder options' and then on the tab 'view'. Make sure the button 'Show hidden files' is ticked.)

On the remote computer you should 'share' the folder where the pst file for that computer is located. Follow this link to find out how to share your Outlook folder.

Pst files can only be opened on one computer at the same time. Check that no Outlook or Outlook relevant application is running on the remote computer.

Using SynchPst is easy. Just follow the flashing buttons.

To start synchronizing:

  • Start SynchPst for Outlook.
  • First click on the left side on 'search' and open the local pst file.
  • Next click on the right side on 'search' and open the remote pst file.
  • On both sides you should now see the content of your pst files.
  • Now choose the folders you want to synchronize - (Tick the boxes).
  • Finally hit the flashing button in the middle to start the synchronization.

After the synchronization you will get a message that the synchronization was successful.

Important Things

To understand the synchronization process you should know how SynchPst works.

If the chosen folder does not exist in the target file, the entire folder is copied. If the folder already exists in the target file, source and target files are compared and the entries are matched by the following criteria:

  1. Contacts
    Contacts are judged to be identical if the combination of first name, last name and company name of the contact is identical.
  2. Mail
    Mails are judged to be identical if the sent time, the subject, the receipient and the sender of the mail are identical.
  3. Appointments
    Appointments are judged to be identical if the subject and the start time are identical
  4. Notes
    Notes are judged to be identical if the subject is identical.
  5. Tasks
    Tasks are identical if subject and due date of the task are identical.

What happens if I changed a telephone number of a contact?

During the next synchronization SynchPst will find out that the contact was changed. It looks for the counter part on the other side. When SynchPst has found the older contact information then the older contact will be deleted and the newer contact will be copied to the other side.

Both sides have the correct contact information after the synchronization.

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"I had been looking for a synchronization product for a year when I stumbled upon yours with a GOOGLE search. I had tried three others which were flashier but didn't come close to your product. I haven't run into any errors or frozen screens. The deletes are deleted and the contacts aren't all duplicated! THANK YOU." Philip Junglas, M.D.